Vicky Sarmiento

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About Me

Vicky Sarmiento is a digital marketing and communications professional with over a decade of experience in the social impact and B2B sectors. Vicky currently leads marketing at Feedmob, and is in charge of branding, content and digital campaign strategies for the company. She is passionate about tech, entrepreneurship and innovation. Vicky has worked with a number of clients in the public and private sectors including the Clinton Global Initiative, BabyNoggin, and the APDA. Vicky was involved with TEDx PeacePlaza San Francisco, serving as a co-producer and emcee for the 2018 event. Prior to these roles, she was deputy campaign manager to the successful election of the first openly gay Albany Councilman and was the Press Secretary for NY Senate Majority Leader. Before that, she was Director of Business Development for a mid-sized consulting firm in New York City, where she focused on demand and lead generation campaigns to increase the firm's presence in the Higher Education sector. During college, Vicky worked for various NGOs at the UN including GPPAC, IANSA, and Amnesty International USA, eventually chairing a citywide campaign benefiting the victims of Darfur, Sudan. Vicky is a proud New Yorker, Burning Man NPO Board Member, GA Alum, and NYU Graduate. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and Dog, crafting, playing music, creating content, reading, thrifting, traveling & learning new ways to connect with people.